World Milk Day (1st June 2022)

Eid Mubarak Special (9th and 10th May 2022)
April 23, 2022
Back to School (11 – 13 July 2022)
July 2, 2022

World Milk Day (1st June 2022)

Below menu is available to pre-order via online order site starting 23rd May 2022. Please note that this menu is only availble for morning tea (Recess) only.

This special includes:

  • Portuguese Custard Tart x 1
  • Breaka (Chocolate) x 1

(Pictures are for illustration purpose only).

How to Order:

  1. Register and login at
  2. Click on “Order” on top menu.
  3. Click on “Event” button.
  4. The special menu should be visible for order placement.
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